5 September, 2018

Further to our earlier note on the introduction of multiple languages to GDPR365, please find a few more updates below. (Some updates are not necessarily related to the multi-language changes).

Primary contact
This feature is automatically added to the user who registers a GDPR365 account with us. When you view users, you will notice ‘Primary contact’ associated with the relevant user’s name.

If that user no longer requires access to GDPR365 then, edit the user who will inherit this role and select ‘Primary contact’ as indicated below.

External Privacy Notice – ‘Use your own document’ preview
Where you use your own PDF document for your external privacy notice, if you click on Privacy Notice (under the code), you are able to preview the document as it would appear on your website. We’ve made some enhancements to the way it is viewed.

Readiness Assessment Report – requires a reload
Whenever you make changes to the report filter, you will need to reload/refresh the report with the changes in selection criteria.

Language code in downloaded PDF filenames
In the app, whenever you download the externally facing privacy notice or the subject access form that appears on your website, it will be appended by a language indicator. For now, it is limited to ‘en’, for English, but future versions will have the relevant indicators like, ‘fr’; ‘es’ etc.

If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to email us at support@gdpr365.com

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