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After registering as a partner, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. Once the partner agreement is signed, your partner account will be activated and you’ll receive an email with your partner ID and a link that potential clients will use to register. If you send this link containing your partner ID in all communications such as email, websites and newsletters, your qualified leads (who use this link to register their accounts) will automatically be linked to you in the GDPR365 back office.

Once your partner account has been activated you may login to the partner portal at After activation you will also receive 2 ‘no-charge accounts’, one titled DEMO and the other, TEMPLATE. Setup the DEMO account to use in demos to your clients. Setup the TEMPLATE account with basic data which you may then duplicate using the COPY CLIENT feature.


This screen displays any client’s accounts which have been registered using your partner ID or added via the portal. ‘Confirmed’ accounts are those which have been registered. ‘Active’ accounts are those which have been registered and the clients have taken out a subscription. Where a partner registers a client via the portal, the partner will receive access to that client’s account automatically. But if a client registers via the partner’s link, the client will need to give access to the partner – in other words, the client will then add the partner as an administrator user in the client’s account.

Note the menu icon at the top left of the dashboard which displays the menu as a sidebar.


To add a new client, simply click on the ADD CLIENT button.

You will need to add the company name as well as the name, telephone and email of your contact at the company. If the account you are creating is for a company leave the account type as Generic. If you want to create an account for a school, then select Schools as the account type. 

After you have verified all the details, click SUBMIT. A welcome email will be sent to the contact which will ask them to set a password and then they will be given access to their account.


You may have clients with similar Personal Data processing operations. The Copy Client function allows you to create a new account from an existing account. 

If you want to create a new account based upon your Template account, then instead of adding a client, click on COPY CLIENT and select your template account – however, you may copy from any client. 

After selecting the account you want to use to generate the new account, you will be prompted to select which attributes you wish to copy across to the new client. If the client you are copying from contains the name and contact details of its DPO then those details will be copied to the new client, unless you untick ‘DPO’. If the client you are copying from contains settings in Privacy Notices and Internal Documents (under Governance), those settings will be copied to the new client, unless you untick ‘Governance’ 

After selecting the attributes, and clicking Next, you will be prompted to Add the new client and will enter the client's details like you do when you add a new client.  

If you would like to add yourself as an administrator, please tick the box before clicking ADD


You may want to give other members of your staff (or Agents) the ability to access the Partner Portal to add clients or view revenue. To give a staff member access click on ADD AGENT. You will be prompted to add the agent's name, email address and telephone number. You must then select what functionality will be accessible to the agent.

After you click SAVE, a welcome email will be sent to the agent that will give them access  to the Partner portal. The Agent's Username will be their mobile number. We will provide an initial Password which the agent can change by clicking on the FORGOT MY PASSWORD link on  the login screen. 

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